Ehud Meron – Nonlinear physics of ecosystems

Ehud is an expert in pattern formation theory in general and front dynamics in particular. He has made important contributions to understanding front dynamics in activator–inhibitor systems and in periodically forced oscillatory systems, highlighting the roles front instabilities play in initiating and nurturing complex spatiotemporal patterns. In his studies, he has collaborated with leading experimentalists on testing theoretical predictions in controlled laboratory experiments, mostly on reaction-diffusion systems. Later, Ehud started applying his expertise to vegetation pattern formation in drylands, importing concepts and tools of nonlinear physics and collaborating with ecologists. He has made pioneering contributions to the modeling and understanding of the positive feedback loops that drive vegetation pattern formation, the multitude of regular, localized, and irregular patterns that emerge along environmental gradients, and their implications for biodiversity and ecosystem function. Ehud is a Phyllis and Kurt Kilstock Chair Professor in Environmental Physics of Arid Zones at the Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and the author of the monograph Nonlinear Physics of Ecosystems (CRC 2015).